Stone Cross Pre-School CommitteeStone Cross Independent Pre-School is run by a parent elected voluntary management committee, which ensures that major decision-making is in the hands of parents who use the group. The committee hold regular meetings and all parents/carers are encouraged to be involved.

The committee is legally responsible for the running of pre-school, reviewing both policy and practice and for the employment and appraisal of members of staff and its on-going development. The day-to-day running of the pre-school is delegated to the pre-school supervisors.

The Annual General Meeting is held each January when a new committee is elected for the following year. A 10% representation of parents/carers using pre-school must attend for the A.G.M to be valid. Your support in attending the A.G.M is greatly appreciated, as without a committee pre-school cannot run. We see pre-school as a social group for both children and parents/carers alike. We constantly need support for fund raising and other events. These are a major source of income for the pre-school, allowing us to buy new toys, books and equipment. Anyone wishing to join the committee may do so by seeing any of the existing committee members or a member of staff.
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